Believe in Yourself

the Marginalized

All members of STPI are committed to giving a voice to those who have been silenced and helping them to assert their rights and claim their place in society.

legal assistance & advocacy support

facing human rights violations

The purpose of STPI

is to support communities, minorities, and indigenous peoples whose existence is threatened. They strive to preserve and promote the cultural, social, economic, linguistic, political, and religious diversity of human societies worldwide

STPI is particularly committed

to preventing and combating genocide and expulsion, but they also work to support individuals and communities facing a wide range of human rights violations.

STPI provides

educational resources and training programs to help individuals and communities understand their rights and how to advocate for them.

STPI provides

legal assistance, advocacy support, and other forms of assistance to help people assert their rights and seek justice.

To deny a person his
human rights is to
disregard him in his humanity.
Nelson Mandela

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STPI has 5 members located in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, South Tyrol, and Bosnia Herzegovina. The seat of the STPI is located in Berlin, Germany.

The official translations of STPI’s name and abbreviation are available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Bosnian, and Kurdish.

– English: Society for Threatened Peoples International
– French: Association pour les Peuples menacés – Internationale
– Italian: Associazione per i Popoli Minacciati – Internazionale
– Spanish: Asociación para los Pueblos Amenazados – Internacional
– Portuguese: Associação para os Povos Ameaçados
– Bosnian: Društvo za ugrožene narode – Internacional
– Kurdish: Komeley Gelani Herselekiraw International

STPI is a human rights organization that supports communities, minorities, and indigenous peoples whose existence is threatened. They oppose attempts to destroy or endanger human life, the ecological basis of life, security, self-determination, and the full development of indigenous peoples as well as communities or minorities. They are particularly committed to preventing and combating genocide and expulsion.

Any nationally or regionally active non-governmental organization whose aims correspond to those of the STPI and whose activities concentrate on the realization of these aims can become a section of the STPI. The organization must submit a letter of application to the Executive Committee, which includes the statutes, the last annual report, and a justification for membership. The executive committee examines the application and decides on admission at the general meeting. A two-thirds majority is required in the vote by the General Meeting for admission as a section. If you are interested in working with STPI, you can fill out the form on their website to express your interest and provide your contact information.

Interessted in working with us?

To apply for membership

please fill out the form provided here and submit it to us. Please note that only organizations are eligible to apply. Thank you for your interest in joining STPI!

Please attach your organization’s statutes and the latest annual report to this form and send it to STPI. By submitting this application, you confirm that your organization’s aims correspond to those of STPI and that your activities concentrate on the realization of these aims. You also confirm that your organization is neither party-politically nor denominationally bound.