Our Mission

Promoting and Protecting
Human Rights Worldwide

We are committed to protecting civilians from crimes against humanity and genocide, promoting diversity, and holding those responsible for human rights violations accountable.

We believe that human rights are fundamental to human dignity and that everyone deserves to live in a world where their rights are respected and protected.

Shining a Light
on the Unseen


We advocate for a world in which civilians are consistently protected from crimes against humanity and genocide, and for those responsible for crimes to be held accountable. We are committed to ensuring that companies acknowledge and implement their ethical responsibilities. We advocate for the protection of human rights at the local, national, and international levels.


We are committed to preserving the diversity of cultures and their environments and to communicating the special diversity of minorities worldwide and highlighting their positive significance. We believe that diversity is a strength and that all individuals and communities deserve to have their rights respected and protected.


We carry out effective and goal-oriented lobbying with governments, parliaments, and international organizations, as well as individuals. We work together with minority organizations and representatives, as well as other national and international cooperation partners. We research and document human rights violations and draw attention to grievances through high-profile campaigns.


we are dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to assert their rights and claim their place in society. We advocate for human rights at all levels and take action to support those facing human rights violations to help people seek justice.
Roman Kühn
STPI President

Uniting for Human Dignity

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